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Other Projects

Next to the projects that are being extensively displayed in this portfolio, there are other projects that are worth mentioning. This page will give an overview of those projects.


Sound-activated 15W stroboscope

Low-cost stroboscopes usually only have the ability to flash randomly, or in a standard pattern which usually does not fit with the music.
That is why I designed the SoundStrobe, a stroboscope that can be built with an Arduino Nano, a small microphone and a 3D printer. The stroboscope analyses the sound level in the environment and recognizes peaks (beats) in the sound level. At these moments, the 10 LEDs in the stroboscope will turn on.

EcoRunner XII

World's most efficient city-car

The EcoRunner XII is world’s most efficient city-car fueled by hydrogen. A student team of >20 students devoted one year to design and build this vehicle. Eventually, the team will participate in the Shell ECO Marathon 2022 and they will try to officially beat the world record in distance driven with 1 kg of hydrogen. I made the renders and animations for the design reveal video.


Following Beer Crate Carrier

Pixie is a self-driving robot that is designed to help you carry your crates of beer, simply controlled by an Arduino Uno. Currently, the robot is programmed to follow a two-color tag and maintain a distance of 1.5 meter to the tag, but this could be upgraded and changed to anything you would like. Pixie was made in just 4 weeks. Within the project, I was responsible for all the coding involved to follow the human.

AR Studio

Let your designs come to life

AR Studio is a mobile Augmented Reality Application developed for designers to easily see their products in 3D, without the need of physical prototyping. The AR Studio application allows you to load your 3D-models into the Augmented Reality environment, change the model’s scale and pose, adjust lighting settings and make awesome photo’s and video’s of your 3D-model in context. The application is fully functional and the code for the application was written in Android Studio.

VR-flight through Rotterdam

Enjoy the city like never before

In collaboration with Gemeente Rotterdam and supported by VR Zone Delft I made a Virtual Reality tour for TALARIA. In the tour you would fly past famous  landmarks in Rotterdam such as the Erasmus bridge, Rotterdam Central Station and the Blijdorp Zoo. For the best experience, watch the Virtual Reality tour on a mobile device.

Other Projects