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© 2021, Patrick Busser

Hi, I’m Patrick.

What intrigues me most about design projects is finding out what the puzzle pieces are and trying to connect them in the best possible way.
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3D scanning Coding Prototyping

3D Head Scanner

The 3D Head Scanner is an unobtrusive and versatile 3D scanning solution capable of outputting high-accuracy 3D scans near instantaneously, with simple controls for a single user.
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Materialization Prototyping Smart Electronics


The EduScope incorporates necessary functions to teach medical students basic microscopy and to improve their study experience. It is designed to be producible and repairable in Sub-Saharan Africa,…
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Prototyping Smart Electronics

SKIL Drill Assist

Finding the right drilling depth for your dowels to fit in perfectly can be a frustrating and time consuming task. Either the hole is not deep enough and needs redrilling, or you already went too far.…
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Concept Mockup Prototyping


In The Netherlands, 385.000 people can not be reached within 15 minutes by ambulance. During rush hour, it’s almost 500.000 people. To overcome this problem, ultra-light and ultra-small helicopters…
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Other Projects

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3D Rendering


In my free time I like making photorealistic renderings using KeyShot. A collection of those renderings can be found here.
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